Figuring out New Words

WOW! What a week. I am a little tired!  On Tuesday I read with 4th graders at a school and on Saturday I had lots of readers at the library. Many of my readers on Saturday were quite young. It was great to see them love to read!

My human mom is sure good at helping the readers no matter what age they are. Some times the readers come to words they don’t know. I noticed that she doesn’t just tell them unfamiliar words. Some times she helps them break the word a part into smaller chunks or even smaller words that the children may know. One word was adventure. She covered up every thing but the ad with her finger and had the child say that part. Then she uncovered the ven followed by uncovering the rest of the word. Then she had the child say the word all together. It was fun to see the little 1st Grader light up because she could read such a big word! Mom says that strategy doesn’t work for every word. She said readers use lots of strategies to figure out new words

With shorter words I noticed she has them say the first letter’s sound. She also has them look at the last letter’s sound. Many times the child could then read the word such as with the word pet. I think the reader also got clues on the page, because the book was about PETS! My favorite!

It looks like there are many things readers do to figure out new words. My mom tells me I am SMART everyday and I think she is VERY SMART! Together we are helping kids read! We make a great team!

When mom and I were driving home she told me how pleased she was that parents are sitting with us as their children read to me. Not only are we helping the child, but mom said she likes to model for the parents some good ways they can help their child at home. We were so excited to see one family – kids and parents – all have books to check out. The mom and dad are modeling that they are readers, too. That is exciting! The library sure is a fun place!

Happy Tails! Until next time. Keep reading!


Making Connections

Today I went to a BIG school. It was my first time in a school. Now I know why my human mom loves schools so much. They are full of all kinds of nice people. It was fun to meet so many new friends.

I visited a group of 4th graders. They read all kinds of books to me today. I liked that. Usually kids tend to read me books about dogs. While I do like hearing dog stories, I also love learning new things. I can connect to many of the dog stories, but found I can also make connections to books that aren’t just about dogs.

My mom says there are three kinds of connections: Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, and Text-to-World. She told me I was making a lot of Text-to-Self connections today.

  • In one book someone was taking a bath. He had seen a skunk and needed to get the nasty smell off of him. I immediately thought about the bath I took last night to get ready to go to school. I like taking baths. I like smelling good. My mom cuddles with me more when I smell good!
  • Another book was all about puppies. I am glad I am not a puppy anymore. In the book the puppy was chewing socks and even making a mess in the house. I do not do any of those things anymore. Mom is happy that I am very well-trained. She told the boys and girls how good I was. That made me smile.
  • One book had facts about cats. I was very interested in learning more about cats, as I like to chase one that hangs out around my house. The book was describing different types of cats. I can be thankful that the cat that comes to visit is just a small cat and not something like a LION or a TIGER!
  • I also learned about something called The Loch Ness Monster. The book said some people see this monster in a lake. I started to wonder if there was a monster in my BOJI LAKE (aka Lake Okoboji). My mom reassured me that there was NO MONSTER in my BOJI LAKE!

It was fun to listen to books that weren’t just about dogs. I liked making some connections to the stories. Making connections helped me remember what the stories were about. I hope the boys and girls try to make connections as they read. too.

I love learning new things, just like my human mom! She blogs, too. You can see all the things she writes about at Learning is Growing.

Happy Tails!

Feeling Safe

I am a little rescue dog. My new human mom adopted me last summer. When I first came to my new home I was very scared. Going new places and seeing new people would make me nervous. My human mom worked hard to help me feel safe. She created a routine for me. She took me to new places. She taught me how to be a good citizen in the doggy world. She never gave up on me!

Today it was my turn to help someone feel safe! I was one of two dogs at the library. One little girl kept coming back to pet me. My human mom would ask her if she wanted to read to me. She looked scared to read, yet I know I was helping her feel safe. She liked petting me! My mom kept reassuring her it was okay. She told her she would help her read if she needed it.

Pretty soon the little girl came over to our area with THREE books. She stood far away from us. I laid very still (and cute!) on my beach towel hoping she’d come over to read to me. My human mom talked with her a little bit and pretty soon she sat down and began to read. I loved the books she picked out. The books were full of poems about dog. Many of them made me laugh inside! She continued to read and read and read – right up until it was the time for us to go home.

I loved listening to her today. But, more importantly, I am happy that I helped her feel safe. She was a great reader. Mom says readers need to keep practicing their reading everyday, just like I practice my tricks.

Today I was there to let her practice her reading. We had fun together! Maybe she will be back next week! I will be waiting on my beach towel!

My First Day on the Job

ImageI loved my first day  as a “Read to Me Dog.” I got to meet several kids from schools my human mom has worked at. I was a little bit nervous, but mom says I really calmed down once the kids started to rad to me. I heard stories about Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues. I even got to listen to a story read in English and Spanish. The readers were from a dual language school. During half their school day they are taught in Spanish and the other half they are taught in English. Dogs speak a universal language of love.

One of my favorite books was called Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance. The kids that picked the book were quite young. I think they thought I’d enjoy a book with a dog on the cover. Mom helped them read the pictures of the book. She said reading the pictures was one way to read a book.Image

I could connect with many parts of the book.  Audie was a recused dog just like me. He found a special home just like I did. He worked hard and even passed his AKA Canine Good Citizen test like I did in February. But the most coincidental thing about the book was that Audie likes to lay in the grass (see my blog header) and I found out about other dogs that BLOG! (See Vick Dog Blog )

The library is a fun place. I can’t wait to visit again next week. The library has a A LOT of books – just like my human mom!

Have you ever read a book that you could make connection to? I’d love to hear about it.


My Big Day

My big day has arrived! Today I will make my first visit to the Sioux City Public Library as a K-9  S.T.A.R.S “Read to Me Dog.”  I am SO EXCITED to so have boys and girls read to me!

I have decided to start a blog to share my experiences. My human mom is a blogger at Learning is Growing and she helps a lot of kids and teachers with blogs. She will be helping me. I know I will have fun!

I hope you enjoy following my journey!