My First Day on the Job

ImageI loved my first day  as a “Read to Me Dog.” I got to meet several kids from schools my human mom has worked at. I was a little bit nervous, but mom says I really calmed down once the kids started to rad to me. I heard stories about Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues. I even got to listen to a story read in English and Spanish. The readers were from a dual language school. During half their school day they are taught in Spanish and the other half they are taught in English. Dogs speak a universal language of love.

One of my favorite books was called Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance. The kids that picked the book were quite young. I think they thought I’d enjoy a book with a dog on the cover. Mom helped them read the pictures of the book. She said reading the pictures was one way to read a book.Image

I could connect with many parts of the book.  Audie was a recused dog just like me. He found a special home just like I did. He worked hard and even passed his AKA Canine Good Citizen test like I did in February. But the most coincidental thing about the book was that Audie likes to lay in the grass (see my blog header) and I found out about other dogs that BLOG! (See Vick Dog Blog )

The library is a fun place. I can’t wait to visit again next week. The library has a A LOT of books – just like my human mom!

Have you ever read a book that you could make connection to? I’d love to hear about it.



4 thoughts on “My First Day on the Job

  1. Boji, you may have to start thinking of some more poses, because we love taking your picture with the class when reading to us.

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