Feeling Safe

I am a little rescue dog. My new human mom adopted me last summer. When I first came to my new home I was very scared. Going new places and seeing new people would make me nervous. My human mom worked hard to help me feel safe. She created a routine for me. She took me to new places. She taught me how to be a good citizen in the doggy world. She never gave up on me!

Today it was my turn to help someone feel safe! I was one of two dogs at the library. One little girl kept coming back to pet me. My human mom would ask her if she wanted to read to me. She looked scared to read, yet I know I was helping her feel safe. She liked petting me! My mom kept reassuring her it was okay. She told her she would help her read if she needed it.

Pretty soon the little girl came over to our area with THREE books. She stood far away from us. I laid very still (and cute!) on my beach towel hoping she’d come over to read to me. My human mom talked with her a little bit and pretty soon she sat down and began to read. I loved the books she picked out. The books were full of poems about dog. Many of them made me laugh inside! She continued to read and read and read – right up until it was the time for us to go home.

I loved listening to her today. But, more importantly, I am happy that I helped her feel safe. She was a great reader. Mom says readers need to keep practicing their reading everyday, just like I practice my tricks.

Today I was there to let her practice her reading. We had fun together! Maybe she will be back next week! I will be waiting on my beach towel!


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