Making Connections

Today I went to a BIG school. It was my first time in a school. Now I know why my human mom loves schools so much. They are full of all kinds of nice people. It was fun to meet so many new friends.

I visited a group of 4th graders. They read all kinds of books to me today. I liked that. Usually kids tend to read me books about dogs. While I do like hearing dog stories, I also love learning new things. I can connect to many of the dog stories, but found I can also make connections to books that aren’t just about dogs.

My mom says there are three kinds of connections: Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, and Text-to-World. She told me I was making a lot of Text-to-Self connections today.

  • In one book someone was taking a bath. He had seen a skunk and needed to get the nasty smell off of him. I immediately thought about the bath I took last night to get ready to go to school. I like taking baths. I like smelling good. My mom cuddles with me more when I smell good!
  • Another book was all about puppies. I am glad I am not a puppy anymore. In the book the puppy was chewing socks and even making a mess in the house. I do not do any of those things anymore. Mom is happy that I am very well-trained. She told the boys and girls how good I was. That made me smile.
  • One book had facts about cats. I was very interested in learning more about cats, as I like to chase one that hangs out around my house. The book was describing different types of cats. I can be thankful that the cat that comes to visit is just a small cat and not something like a LION or a TIGER!
  • I also learned about something called The Loch Ness Monster. The book said some people see this monster in a lake. I started to wonder if there was a monster in my BOJI LAKE (aka Lake Okoboji). My mom reassured me that there was NO MONSTER in my BOJI LAKE!

It was fun to listen to books that weren’t just about dogs. I liked making some connections to the stories. Making connections helped me remember what the stories were about. I hope the boys and girls try to make connections as they read. too.

I love learning new things, just like my human mom! She blogs, too. You can see all the things she writes about at Learning is Growing.

Happy Tails!


81 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. helo I’m Aliyah from Mrs Hobbie’s class Irving school.I like how your fur is soft and Boji is a nice dog I hope you guys can come back

    • Jenny,
      I missed coming to your school today, too. I had to stay home and take care of my mom. She didn’t feel well. I did like taking a nap with her! She says we will try to come to Irving some day next week. Can you believe it will be your last week of school?

      Keep reading!


  2. Boji, I know how much your mom appreciated you staying with her to take care of her today. She would have been very lonely had you taken a cab to Irving to come listen to the children read. I must admit that you have been a real inspiration, not only to my students, but also to me. I have never blogged before in my life. The students had to show me how so I could write back to you. Thank you for inspiring me to broaden my technology skills, seeing how I’m very challenged in this area. That could be one of your “claims to fame.” Not only have you made an incredible impact on many children through reading, but you’ve also been the catalyst for an adult to become a “blogger.” Good for you, Boji! Hope to see you and your mom soon. 🙂

    • Mrs. Hobbie,
      My mom is excited that you are interested in becoming a blogger. She writes a blog too. ( We’d both love to help you. She will be emailing you about setting up a time to come see your class next week. We’ve loved coming to your class. It has been a real treat for us.


    • WOW, Jenny! That is great news. I am very proud of all the progress you have made in 4th grade.
      My mom says I’ve made a lot of progress this year, too. When she got me last summer I was a very shy
      dog. I shook a lot. My mom took me to doggie school every Monday night. I learned SO MUCH. Working
      hard pays off. If I hadn’t worked hard in school I would have never been able to be a “Read to Me Dog.”

      Keep up the great work!


  3. Hi Boji how have you been i cant wait untill you come back.;] It is fun reading to you because you are a good listener and you are so cute,fluffy and you like different books i like different books to. I was the one who read you loch nees monster they say it is real but it is not here so you dont have to worry okay. I read your blog i think it is cute and you had a picture of our class that was nice of you.Just to let you know this is Emiliy

  4. it is so cute when you spred out a beach talle’ and bogi comes’ and sits on it. it is fun when you and bogi are here because i can read to him. bogi is so cute and i like his fur it is black and his fur is cerley. thank you for comeing.

  5. Hi Boji how have you been.;] Boji when will you come again i hope befor schools over with.Boji you are so cute. I think it fun to read to you Boji it’s fun sens your so still when we read to you. do you think it’s fun to get read to.I think it’s fun to read thanks for coming to our school it was fun to read to you thanks again

  6. hi Boji how have you been. i like you because you are so happy when you see us i was the one who read you the loch ness monster they say it is real but it is not here or where you live so you dont have to worry okay . you help us read many books:)

  7. hey are you going to the s.t.a.r.s. inc HQ? because were going there i hope we all see you there o and tell boji that to look me up on facebook just put andres john and you will see me on my pic and am 9 years old and i have a facebook weird hu. o and leo,Aliyah,jesse and skylar said hi see ya hope you come back to our class room 🙂

  8. Hi Boji, are you and your mom going to be at the S.T.A.R.S on Tuesday beacuse my class are going to be there for a Field trip and steve said he is going to be there.HOPE YOUR GOING TO BE THERE!!!!!!!
    😉 = YES T_T = NO -_- =MAYBE

  9. hi boji,this is your friend, is your mom, is she felling well? If she is not, than tell her fell well soon.We are going to the S.T.A.R.S. farm next week.well I got to go, bye boji see u soon.:)

  10. hi boji how have you been . How old are you.I was the one how read you the lock ness monster. i love your curly fur you are happy when you see us thank you for coming you mean a lot to me

    • Jenny,
      Happy Early Birthday! I will be at the library on Tuesday from 2:00 – 3:00. Hope to see you then. Please let me know who you are.

      I hope you are having a great summer! I sure am. I love having my human mom at home with me in the summer!

      Keep reading!

      • Thanks Boji but i have to ask my mom friend okay and Boji i have a surprise for you it is a Booklet about you like you were at Irving School and saw Roxy but Roxy want to be your friend like i’m your friend try to be friends with Roxy okay.

        Happy puppies
        P.S on my report card on reading a B+

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