Figuring out New Words

WOW! What a week. I am a little tired!  On Tuesday I read with 4th graders at a school and on Saturday I had lots of readers at the library. Many of my readers on Saturday were quite young. It was great to see them love to read!

My human mom is sure good at helping the readers no matter what age they are. Some times the readers come to words they don’t know. I noticed that she doesn’t just tell them unfamiliar words. Some times she helps them break the word a part into smaller chunks or even smaller words that the children may know. One word was adventure. She covered up every thing but the ad with her finger and had the child say that part. Then she uncovered the ven followed by uncovering the rest of the word. Then she had the child say the word all together. It was fun to see the little 1st Grader light up because she could read such a big word! Mom says that strategy doesn’t work for every word. She said readers use lots of strategies to figure out new words

With shorter words I noticed she has them say the first letter’s sound. She also has them look at the last letter’s sound. Many times the child could then read the word such as with the word pet. I think the reader also got clues on the page, because the book was about PETS! My favorite!

It looks like there are many things readers do to figure out new words. My mom tells me I am SMART everyday and I think she is VERY SMART! Together we are helping kids read! We make a great team!

When mom and I were driving home she told me how pleased she was that parents are sitting with us as their children read to me. Not only are we helping the child, but mom said she likes to model for the parents some good ways they can help their child at home. We were so excited to see one family – kids and parents – all have books to check out. The mom and dad are modeling that they are readers, too. That is exciting! The library sure is a fun place!

Happy Tails! Until next time. Keep reading!


10 thoughts on “Figuring out New Words

    • Everyone comes to words they don’t know when they are reading. We all need to use clues the author gives us to figure out the new word. Some times we can use the sounds of the letters. Some times we need to look for word parts we know. Sometimes we need to use the rest of the sentence to help us. And sometimes, it is okay to skip an unknown word if you are still understanding the author’s message.


  1. some times when i here a person reading to me i hear intresting words and some times i know what it means but not always.

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