I Love My Job

Boji STARS Uniform

“If you love your job, you haven’t worked a day in your life.” – Tommy Lasorda

When you are a therapy dog, it is hard not to love your job! During each outing I make new friends and put smiles on people’s faces. This week I was a busy pup! Some weeks I only have one event, but this week I had two special places to go. I loved every minute of it – even if it meant two baths in one week. I don’t mind baths. My human mom says I’m pretty good during them and boy do I love to run around the house afterwards trying to dry myself on every piece of furniture! My human mom laughs at me and calls me a silly boy – so it must be okay!

My first outing was to the Sioux City Public Library. What a nice place! I know where I am right when I go through the front door! It feels like home. I love that there are kids waiting with numbers (their place in line) and books ready to read to me. Most kids love to pick out books about dogs to read to me. This week I even got to hear a story about Thomas the Train! The reader made the story come alive! So expressive!

Photo1 (16)Photo1 (14)My second event was a trip to the Woodbury County Library in Moville. The trip was extra special because my human mom told me all about her days teaching 4th grade in that town as we made the 20 minute trip. WOW! Talk about a lot of kids at the library. I bet there were 100+ kids there. The three other therapy dogs and I were really busy. We enjoyed many stories as well as all the attention. At one time I think there were about 8 kids all around me petting me from every direction. I didn’t mind. The kids and my human mom were smiling. My human mom told kids stories about when she rescued me and how far I have come! None of them could believe that I was once a very timid dog very afraid of most people. Now look at me. My job requires me to be around lots of people and I love it! They commented on how good I was. That made me smile.

The people at the library were very nice. My human mom and I even got a gift. Mine was perfect. BACON! Oh boy! These bacon flavored Beggin’ Strips are the best thing next to my beloved Greenies. I am one happy dog!

I am resting up for another trip to the library this week. I have a feeling that means ANOTHER bath, but I don’t mind. I love my job!