Making Connections

Today I went to a BIG school. It was my first time in a school. Now I know why my human mom loves schools so much. They are full of all kinds of nice people. It was fun to meet so many new friends.

I visited a group of 4th graders. They read all kinds of books to me today. I liked that. Usually kids tend to read me books about dogs. While I do like hearing dog stories, I also love learning new things. I can connect to many of the dog stories, but found I can also make connections to books that aren’t just about dogs.

My mom says there are three kinds of connections: Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, and Text-to-World. She told me I was making a lot of Text-to-Self connections today.

  • In one book someone was taking a bath. He had seen a skunk and needed to get the nasty smell off of him. I immediately thought about the bath I took last night to get ready to go to school. I like taking baths. I like smelling good. My mom cuddles with me more when I smell good!
  • Another book was all about puppies. I am glad I am not a puppy anymore. In the book the puppy was chewing socks and even making a mess in the house. I do not do any of those things anymore. Mom is happy that I am very well-trained. She told the boys and girls how good I was. That made me smile.
  • One book had facts about cats. I was very interested in learning more about cats, as I like to chase one that hangs out around my house. The book was describing different types of cats. I can be thankful that the cat that comes to visit is just a small cat and not something like a LION or a TIGER!
  • I also learned about something called The Loch Ness Monster. The book said some people see this monster in a lake. I started to wonder if there was a monster in my BOJI LAKE (aka Lake Okoboji). My mom reassured me that there was NO MONSTER in my BOJI LAKE!

It was fun to listen to books that weren’t just about dogs. I liked making some connections to the stories. Making connections helped me remember what the stories were about. I hope the boys and girls try to make connections as they read. too.

I love learning new things, just like my human mom! She blogs, too. You can see all the things she writes about at Learning is Growing.

Happy Tails!